01. Don't [bother] me right now, I'm trying to do my homework.
02. We didn't [bother] to report the accident to police because the damage to our car was so small.
03. Doesn't it [bother] you that your roommate never does the vacuuming?
04. My girlfriend's little brother is always [bothering] us when we are trying to be alone.
05. Does the noise of the radio [bother] you? If it does, I'll turn it off.
06. Mr. Sather is in a meeting right now, and doesn't want to be [bothered].
07. I'll pick you up on the way to school. It's right on my way, so it's no [bother] at all.
08. Winnie-the-Pooh once said, "I am a bear of very little brain, and long words [bother] me."
09. There is a Kurdish proverb which states that the devil will not [bother] you in a house full of children.
10. I can't be [bothered] making my bed every morning when I know that I'm just going to mess it up again at night.
11. Cigarette smoke really [bothers] his allergies, so he doesn't go anywhere that people are allowed to smoke.
12. Filling out all the forms for a visa is such a [bother].
13. Don't [bother] drying the dishes. Just leave them there and they'll dry by themselves.
14. We gave our grandchildren some wonderful Christmas gifts, but they haven't even [bothered] to write and thank us.
15. The loud noise in the nightclub was [bothering] my wife, so we left.
16. Sorry to be such a [bother], but could I borrow a cup of milk?
17. It really [bothers] me that your brother didn't even remember it was your birthday yesterday.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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